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I haven't posted anything on here in forever, so I decided I should post something of interest :'3

1. Liv is not here &it makes meh sad. Curse you, Liv, &your trips to Walt Disney World. Ah, my heart shall go on... :'(

2. I have gotten more annoyed with people lately. Especially fake people... gah, you guys never cease to erk me. Well, some of you *may* know, but my dad was in the hospital. So many people offered me support &it felt so amazing to know that I had all these great friends to depend on. Well, as soon as my dad got out of the hospital, I didn't hear anything from these people. They never called to ask how he was doing.. NOTHING. I don't understand why some people want to make themselves look nice and amazing (especially through situations like this). What do you people have to gain through any of it? Douchebags.

Peace, peeps.

HEYYYYY! :D I forgot about this site because I've been so crazy busy, but I randomly stumbled upon it again today, so I decided I should post something.

SO by now everyone knows the JB/RF duet stuff that I ranted about like...forever ago. :P

I have three/four singers that I follow regularly. I always declare it as "three" because my fourth never records music, though I would love him to. Here they are, for those not "in-the-know":

(1) Rascal Flatts, (2) Backstreet Boys, (3) David Arculeta and (4) Lucas Grabeel.

About in that order, too. :P Now, I looooove Lucas in High School Musical, AND he sang a rendition of one of my favorite songs of all time (my faves are "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts and "Go the Distance" from Hercules; Lucas covered the latter). But he doesn't record/release much outside of that. At least not much that's available...

Although I just found out he's in some vampire series where he sings. O___o *must check out even though I have a natural dislike for vamps* Couldn't he be a ghost instead? XD

Anyway. So I find this the other day:


;___; That is Lucas singing a cover of "Baby." Yes. Justin Bieber's "Baby." The guy sings nothing good for months/years, and then the next thing he releases...is "Baby."

GRANTED. The song sounds better than JB's. Because it inherently would because he's Lucas, duhhh. But that's like the most repetetive/teeny-bopper song around! D: WHYYYY?!?

So now I'm paranoid. JB has infiltrated HALF of my music loves. And not even the half I would have expected him to infiltrate, lol! I'd have guessed a duet with BSB or David Archuleta wayyyyyy before Rascal Flatts, but well. I was wrong.

So I go to Google today to search for "Justin Bieber Backstreet Boys" and "Justin Bieber David Archuleta" to make sure I'm not missing anything.

The Archie searching got me pretty much nowhere....which is good. Gives me hope. And the BSB search brought up this:


^^ I love the Backstreet Boys. They have just given me so much hope. Oh, Brian. <3 :)

Taio Cruz, who was making his way onto my ever-exclusive list, just lost a few points when I read somewhere that he's helping write some songs or produce or something for JB's next album. Bahh. Whatever. :3

I just hope that *knock on wood* no more leaks will make it through from artists I dislike to the ones I love. <3

I'll think of something better to rant about next time

Hey. Guess What? YOU FAIL.

I offically hate Disney sequels.

Good God O'Mighty.

Why does Disney have to release such horrendous movies? The animation, plot, and characters all suffer at the cost of the small profit made of these mediocre movies.

The animation is similar to the Disney TV shows, such as, Hercules: The Animated Series, Aladdin: The Animated Seris, and The Little Mermaid: The Animated Series. <------------ WHY MUST DISNEY MAKE TV SHOWS EITHER? 

-- The only thing the TV shows resulted in was to make fangirls super squee over AladdinxMozenrath [which, for the record, I STILL don't understand]. && Plus BADASS characters get turned into stupid dimwits who lack the sense to tie their own shoes. Jafar, for example, had perhaps the weirdest line in movie history. "GRANNY'S GONNA GRAB YA!" For real? Jafar = all repespect GONE && not coming back anytime soon. Please, Disney, do yourselves a favor: Stop when you are ahead.



Follow-up to rant about JB/RF duet:


....maybe it's just because I had set my hopes so low that I was expecting absolute horror.  But this....is not bad. 


It's not the best song ever, and it's not really good, but it's not bad.  I am so relieved.

Now I just have to figure out if it's worth me buying.  Since I own all of RF's other songs/duets.  Ohhhh...pondering. 

<3 Liv

Heroes can't be perfect.

Fuzzy's entry below reminded me of this.

So....I have major, unending loyalty to certain things.  Things like Danny Phantom and Rascal Flatts.  I'm very picky about what I watch and what I listen to, but when I find something that I like and that makes me happy.....

I am a fan for life.  For realz.  I shall always defend them.  I even find myself defending Stargate SG-1's campy SciFi (back when the channel was affectionately called "Skiffy") just because it was my first obsession.  So if you can snag me in your web of a show or music, you've got my loyalty forever.  Semper fidelis and all that. 

With my Rascal Flatts and Danny Phantom loyalty in mind....I have been very disappointed by both camps this week. 

Perhaps more disturbed/weirded out if anything...and DP to a lesser extent because it's not *REALLY* a DP issue.

Anyway.  I'll cover that one first:


A Fairly Odd Parents movie.  First of all...why not a Danny Phantom movie?  ;___;  No; I'm just being bitter.  I know why.  I know Nickelodeon hates the show and that it's just majorly overlooked and underappreciated.

But this is not just a Fairly Odd Parents movie.  It's a  LIVE ACTION Fairly Odd Parents movie.

Live action + Fairly Odd Parents = ???


I have never liked a live action movie that was based on a cartoon.  It's just wrong.  As an avid supporter of cartoons and the medium in general, I don't understand why they can't just make the movies animated.  And the storyline and acting always suffers from the transition.  ALWAYS.

So...yeah.  I am not thrilled.  In fact, I'm a little mortified.  But the plus side of finding this article was that I found out Butch Hartman has a Twitter.  So now I can follow another one of my heroes.  Even if he's not as proud of DP as his other shows.  He still started it.  So he wins in my book.

NOW, the more relevant and hard-hitting devastation:



A Rascal Flatts/Justin Bieber duet.

How heroes fall.  </3

I'm just kidding.  I still love and support my Flatts in every way.  But I am like....pretty disheartened by this.  When I read this news, I laughed at first.  I thought it was a joke.  SERIOUSLY.  Because I found out through RF's twitter.  And then I decided to look it up and see what they were joshing about....

....and suddenly, it all became very real.  O___O  And I made such a strangled noise that my roommate turned to me, gave me a very concerned look and asked me what the heck was wrong.  I was so utterly in shock and worry that I couldn't answer her until an hour later when I had gotten over the embarrassment of the whole thing.

I don't know how this duet is going to work.  First of all, it's inevitably going to be a love or breakup song.  Which makes the theme weird because they'll be talking about the same girl.  And Beaver is like....10 whereas the RF guys are 30-40.

Disturbing thought much?  I need duets to be between people that are the same age or else I feel really strange.

SECONDLY, RF is country.  Yeah, they're a softer, more pop-like country than most, but Gary's still got that country accent/twangy sound (hahaaa, and he's from Ohio).  <3  And then there's Beaver kid with his whiny "pop" vocals that could only appeal to the ears of a poor, misguided tween. 

THIRDLY.  I don't even know.  There is just so much wrong with this thing that I don't know what to say anymore.  Will I listen to the song?  Of course; like I said: I'm a loyal fan forever.  Will I buy the song?  I have bought ever RF song possible in the past, even their other duets with acts I don't necessarily like (Natasha Bedingfield, for example).  But this one has me the most worried ever.  If it makes my ears bleed, I won't buy it.  And I'll feel guilty.  But if I do buy it, I will feel ashamed for having the name "Justin Bieber" at all associated with my iTunes account. 

I'm going to cry either way.  :P

So yeah.  Strange, disturbing facts that make my heroes seem less awesome this week.  But I have faith in them.  They will find their way again.  I know RF is going through a difficult time right now: switching record labels, parting from their long-time management team, getting absolutely snubbed from ANY awards at the ACM's, becoming less relevant as a group in the wake of Lady Antebellum.  It makes me sad, but they're awesome and my guys, and I know they'll keep making good music as long as they have fans.

Which they totally do.  ;)

I don't think Butch Hartman will ever make another show on the same level as DP for me.  Danny's my absolute perfect show that shall never be replaced in my heart.  But his cartoons are better than most of the other stuff on Nickelodeon today.  So I give him props and wish that FOP movie well, despite the fact that I absolutely refuse to watch it, myself.

Whatever.  I'll just sit over here in the corner with my consistent, fictional heroes.  *hugs Danny Phantom and Hercules*

<3 Liv 

Writer's Block: Over the top

Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Oh lord. Where do I start? WHERE?
I absolutely dispise Justin Beiber. I hate his voice, his hair, and his personality. Gosh, kid. Go, uh, back to Canada.
Since I have an unnatural obssession with hockey, I just don't like Canadian hockey teams. So, sorry, Canada. Justin Beiber just gave you another strike.
How does this even sound like music? Tell me.

For real, people. For real.



Valentine's Wimps

I'm gonna rant again because it's fun.  :D  Except this time, it has absolutely nothing to do with vidding.  :O  Oh man. 

So I was going through Yahoo! News yesterday (yeah...great times), and this story popped up, and the title alone annoyed me:


"Worse Ever Valentine's Gifts" was the title, and it has this woman looking soooo peeved on the little news slot.  Now.  I realize that I'm just very, very bitter.  Because I have never had a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.  It kind of requires another person in the picture...a type of person that I have never had in my life.  So these are probably just the ramblings of someone who is relatively bitterly single.

*looks at picture of Vlad*  Wow, I....I'm going to be Vlad someday.  O___o  Because I'm basically just quoting him right now.  XD

Anyway.  So this story.  People are all complaining about these horrible gifts they've gotten for Valentine's Day.  And...yeah.  They're pretty bad.  And it's kind of funny.  :P  I'll be honest.  They all really do suck.

But my first reaction to this story is, "Hey....at least you're GETTING a gift."

I mean...isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be about spending time with the one you love?  I've never gotten a gift for the holiday.  And these people are complaining because their gifts just sucked. 

I can understand the complaints and the desire for a funny story.  But it just bothers me for some reason that people complain about not getting the perfect gift for a holiday that seems pretty useless to me.  Especially for those of us who are "miserable and alone." 

Talking about Vlad again.  I'm becoming evil and starting to understand his point of view much better the older I get.  Poor guy. 

Next time, I should Danny Phantom rant.  Yeah.  I'll watch some episode and tell the no one who reads this ALL ABOUT my reactions to EVERY DETAIL of the episode.  Oh yeah.

So...that was fun and pointless.  I'll do better next time.

<3 Liv

It's kind of sad like that.

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where i feel at home

And I built a home
For you
For me

Until it disappeared
From me
From you
And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust


Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
There is a tree that's old as me
Branches were sewn by the color of green
Ground had arose and passed its knees

By the cracks of the skin I climbed to the top
I climbed the tree to see the world
When the gusts came around to blow me down
I held on as tightly as you held onto me
I held on as tightly as you held onto me

And I built a home
For you
For me

Until it disappeared
From me
From you

And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust
I love this song and I was delighted when vickeeefails made a video to this song. The piano chords and instrumental bits provide a 'raw emotion' so to say. && the singer's raspy, wearied voice allow the song to sound more peaceful. You should seriously check out her video, because it provides you with a sense of being. Really. It's that good.

with love,

Program Discrimination! :P

*doesn't know what she's doing*

I decided to actually try to post something here.  ^____^  Fuzzy, the Danny icon = EPIC LOVE.  I feel like your husband should be here somewhere, too, though.  We shall have to change the look sometime and photoshop...  ;D


I'm just newly irritated at the "No WMM, sorry!" rule again.  :P  It's like the revival period of MEP groups.  The seem to start growing around this time of year and the end of spring.  And, once again, almost every new group with interesting-looking ideas and members has the "Sony Vegas or similar programs only" rule. 

Come on now, really. 

What makes me most angry about this rule, though, is that it is often followed up with something like, "I mean, really, it's not that hard to get your hands on Sony Vegas; just go download it."  Availability of the program is not my problem.  It's a moral thing.

And I feel completely like I'm being all "high and mighty" and also very hypocritical because I shouldn't even be wanting to join other MEP groups when I can't keep up with the 21 or so with which I am already involved.  I admit, even, that I should quit some.

But the fact of the matter is that "downloading" Sony Vegas with a keygen from offline is, in all technicality, stealing.  *shrugs*  Same with downloading movies offline.  People do it.  AWESOME and AMAZING people do it because the program itself is wayyy expensive, and it seems like, if you want to get anywhere in the "vidding world," you need Sony Vegas.  If it's available for free, heck yeah, people are gonna take it for free.  And that's fine for the people who do.

I still love and respect you guys.  :)

I'm just saying that I won't do it.  And I don't feel like I should be penalized for that.  Now if I sincerely just sucked at vidding - which, for a very long time, I am well aware that I did - I would understand this rule.  But I still use WMM, and I feel that I have gotten pretty okay at using it.  And I know several other people who are avid WMM users who do stuff that...I don't know; it just floors me that it's even possible.  Even if I am not that great at using WMM, you have to admit that some people really are great at it.

So why is this still a solid rule in joining MEP groups when there are so many really talented (not talking about myself here) WMM users?

If you watch their videos and you still want to reject them, that's fine.  Go ahead.  I'm sure there are a lot of WMM users who really won't be able to keep up with the level of editing skills in your group.  But at least give them the chance to audition without having to come to you personally and beg to even be allowed to enter. 

I guess I've just never understood why it has to be a rule.  Some SV editors aren't very good, either.  But they are still allowed to audition just because they have the expensive program. 

I don't usually get angry about things, and honestly, there are so many open MEP groups that are nice and allow WMM users that I shouldn't complain.  But it still bothers me.  I feel that MEP groups should be more open in what they accept at least for auditions, and if they want to be rid of all of the WMM entries in the end, all right.  At least the program users had a chance.

Wow.  I don't usually rant; that felt odd.  :)  I need more practice, eh?  I'll try to write some random, cheery thing next time.  We have been pretty negative so far, huh, Fuzz?  :P

<3 Liv

Grow some originality, pluhleasee ?

Why does it have to snow? I hate snow with an unimagiable force. Just when I thought it was warming up, it's snowing again her 5+ inches. Kill me naow. I don't think I should have taunted Liv when she got a bunch of snow.
Oh karma, you bitch.
I am starting to despise my subscription box.

Why do vidders have to conform to gain subbers and popularity?

It's not like it isn't obvious that you stole someone's vidding style.

Really. These people piss me off to no end.
Grow some balls && um, some vidding skills.
Get your own style or AT LEAST put 'inspired by' in the video description.